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Selected Work

The Talented Mr. K

[This article won a first-place AFJ Award, Sept. 2013]

by Wendy Goldman Rohm

How a young, Indonesian Bacchus seduced the rich and powerful in a multi-million dollar wine counterfeiting scheme.

Now available as a Kindle ebook.

When I heard of the passing of Nobel Laureate Bob Edwards, I remembered our time together at his Duck End Farm just outside of Cambridge, England. Over the course of two days, he talked to me of nature's limits, and the role of humanity in repairing and finishing its unfinished work. All around us, a three ring circus was unfolding that Edwards and his breakthroughs had set in motion.

Now available as a Kindle Ebook.

Feature article by Wendy Goldman Rohm, first published in The Atlantic, April 2013

Copyright © Wendy Goldman Rohm

"Oh No, Mr. Bill!"

The inside story of the antitrust case against Microsoft.

By Wendy Goldman Rohm

This appeared as the cover story in Wired magazine.
Now available as a Kindle Single.

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Copyright © Wendy Goldman Rohm