Wendy Goldman Rohm is an award-winning NY Times best-selling author and literary agent. Her books have been published around the world in 14 languages. She launched The Rohm Literary Agency to nurture authors of high-quality literary works. With the publishing world being in the midst of major transformation, she has created an organization that mentors and promotes the development and collaboration of writers and artists across media platforms. Her clients include authors of fiction and nonfiction, screenwriters, playwrights, film directors, producers, and anyone who has a powerful and important story to tell. Ms. Rohm can be reached at Wendy@RohmLiterary.com.

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Ms. Rohm hosts the Paris Writers Retreat in May and September each year. Go to ParisWritersRetreat.com

Ms. Rohm hosting the Mumbai Writers Retreat.

The media on The Microsoft File: The Secret Case Against Bill Gates:
"The history of Microsoft in the late eighties and nineties has not previously been exhibited in the form of a running expose..Rohm has gone to extraordinary lengths to make her case, interviewing hundreds of Microsoft insiders and enjoying access to many CEOs who did business with Bill Gates...With a massive amount of original research at her command, Rohm has created an unprecedented detailed account of the dark side of Gates' struggle for supremacy. Trial revelations have both substantiated and surpassed Rohm's reporting.It is a tarnished figure--perhaps a self-destructive figure--that Rohm holds up for our inspection, and it is a strikingly similar figure that the Justice Department is presenting in United States v. Microsoft." --The Nation

What the critics said about "The Murdoch Mission" :
"Wendy Goldman Rohm's exciting new book sheds light on one of the world's most powerful, yet enigmatic figures--Rupert Murdoch. Given unparalleled access to Murdoch and his sprawling media empire, Rohm has drawn a detailed portrait of the man who single-handedly created one of the largest media companies on the planet. It's an epic story not to be missed." --Eric Nee, Senior Writer, Fortune magazine

"Wendy Goldman Rohm's book serves up a readable snapshot of the business scalawag and entrepreneur... Rohm artfully demonstrates that although Murdoch operates as your basic economic imperialist, he bends over backward to respect local languages and customs. Her account of his dealings with an Israeli encryption genius and the Korean-founded Gemstar video programming dynasty are especially enlightening." -- The Detroit Free Press

"Presenting the man behind the media mogul, The Murdoch Mission aims to dispel much of the mythology about Rupert Murdoch. Author Wendy Goldman Rohm has been given rare access to the man himself, the Murdoch family dynasty, and the top executives who make up his inner sanctum. The Murdoch Mission gives an insight into the driving force behind Murdoch's global media ambitions for the new millenium and looks at his high-risk strategies in several world markets." --Eve Conway, BBC News

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